This is one of my favourite places in southern Sweden. It’s called Odensjön, named after the god Odin in germanic mythology. It’s very calming, healing and uplifting to be here. A swim in this lake makes you feel completely refreshed. There’s a special atmosphere here. It feels a little bit like a world of its own. A perfect place for some stone balances.

2015-08-29 Odensjon 1
2015-08-29 Odensjon 2
2015-08-29 Odensjon 3
2015-08-29 Odensjon 4


If you know it will work, it will work. Just keep that in mind and you will succeed.


A Quiet Place

Nature whispers so silently a truth that only can be felt within. It’s a truth that leads us home wherever we are. It’s so comforting and at ease with everything. When we connect with it we feel fully alive and at peace. In that state there’s no need for answers or explanations; everything just is.

2015-08-21 Hittarp

Farewell Sun

It’s been a wonderful day. Thank you for everything you give to us. I’ll be here tomorrow again, greeting you on a new day.

Farewell Sun 1Farewell Sun 2Farewell Sun 3



In Balance

When balance is achieved anything becomes possible. All that’s needed is a tiny spot which everything can rest upon. The beauty of nature works like that. It’s all in perfect harmony, or in other words, in perfect balance.

2015-08-13 Stone Balance Sundvik 12015-08-13 Stone Balance Sundvik 22015-08-13 Stone Balance Sundvik 3

Refreshing Views

This little creation looks like a being to me. Looking out to the sea. Perhaps waiting for a loved one. I find him to be quite cute in a way.

What nature can do and create is awesome but that which gets manifested through us brings in even more novelty. We are co-creating this world in everything we do and also by the way we see it. It all comes to life in us.

2015-08-09 Stone Balance Kullaberg 12015-08-09 Stone Balance Kullaberg 2


Sometimes a peaceful evening is all that needs to soothe and calm our inner state. If we follow the rhythm of nature we will also be balanced. There’s a time for everything. Times for activity and times for relaxation and rest. We need balance and if we are in tune with the balance of nature we will find the same harmony and peace within ourselves.

2015-08-08 Stone Balance Kulla 4

A Connection with Nature

With the practice of stone balancing I have begun to appreciate nature in a new way. I have always loved nature but the relationship you get with it becomes very strong with this practice. It’s a kind of meditation. A yoga (meaning connection) with nature. You are so concentrated and feel it so deeply. You feel so alive and realize that you are part of it too. The essence of nature is not only working through the miracle of life and our world but also through the miracle of us and our own self.

2015-08-08 Stone Balance Kulla 22015-08-08 Stone Balance Kulla 3

Golden Evening

The Sun is really powerful. Not only for creating life, spreading light and energy but also for coloring our planet in so many different ways. Like this golden evening.

2015-08-08 Stone Balance Kulla 1

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