2015-08-13 Sundvik 1 2015-08-13 Sundvik 2

2015-08-01 Stenshuvud

At Home

My first creations were made on vacation at Elba Island, Italy. When I returned home I realized that my homeland is exotic too. This is at Råådalen, a forest by the village where I grew up.

2015-07-29 Stone Balance at Råådalen

Learning the Art of Balancing Stones

In the summer of 2015 I learned the art of balancing stones. I loved it and since the day I learned the basics I have continued doing it. It’s a very special experience. It connects you with nature and brings a kind of fulfillment on a deep level. It’s very soothing and peaceful. It shifts your state of consciousness. It silences the thinking mind and takes you closer to what really matters – life itself. You feel the aliveness and presence. You feel the harmony and balance of nature. You hold it in your hands and it spreads throughout your being. When you slowly release your hands and witness the creation you can see what you have felt.

Here are some of my very first stone balances.


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