By the Sea

By the Sea

A Favourite Spot

This is one of my favourite places for stone balancing. It’s filled with a variety of rocks and has an interesting scenery with sandstone cliffs. Very relaxing to spend some time here.

2015-09-26 Kulla
2015-09-26 Kulla 22015-09-26 Kulla 3

Good Night

2015-09-19 Good night
2015-09-19 Good night 2


2015-09-14 Mystical

To the Sea

2015-09-07 Domsten


Friends 2

A Still Evening

It was a quiet and still evening tonight. It’s so peaceful to balance stones when the wind is still. Some seals made me company after the sun had set. A great way to end the day.

2015-09-08 Domsten
2015-09-08 Domsten 2

Always Together

Always Together

Stone Balance at Sea

This little creature made of stone is watching the sun go down. Even though he has no eyes he seems to see and feel the great power of the sun. Somehow he knows that they belong to each other, being born of the same energy. Everything is connected therefore everything is alive.

Stone Balance at Sea 1
Stone Balance at Sea 2
Stone Balance at Sea 3
Stone Balance at Sea 4