I have made an acoustic cover of a song I heard in the game Ultima Online about 15 years ago. The song is called “Stones” and is the theme music of the game. I have always loved this melody, I find it very beautiful. It was fun to arrange this piece in an acoustic band setting.


I just returned home from the wonderful and beautiful island of Ikaria. I felt so at home here. The atmosphere was so nice, almost dreamlike at times. I had the feeling I have been here before. Would definitely like to return again. Here’s some photos from my trip.

Evdilos, Ikaria

Evdilos, Ikaria

Waterfall in Nas

Waterfall in Nas

2016-07-19 Nas
2016-07-23 Seychelles

Seychelles beach

2016-07-19 Seychelles stenbalansering
2016-07-23 Seychelles 3

Seychelles beach

2016-07-24 Faros
2016-07-22 Balansering Nas natt

A Wish Come True

2016-07-22 Balansering Nas
2016-07-20 Get bergen
2016-07-24 Ikaria
2016-07-23 Nas vattenfall balansering

Spring Is on Its Way

Today the sun shone. It’s been quite some time since last time. So wonderful, I could feel the heat although the air was cold. Soon I can spend more time in nature, balancing stones and balancing my self.

2016-03-15 Kulla 2


Freedom lies in letting go of all attachments or the need to have more. There’s nothing to fear. Peace and harmony is the foundation of life and of you.

2015-10-10 Freedom 32015-10-10 Freedom
2015-10-10 Freedom 2


2015-10-03 Kullaberg 22015-10-03 Kullaberg 32015-10-03 Kullaberg 4

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