Freedom lies in letting go of all attachments or the need to have more. There’s nothing to fear. Peace and harmony is the foundation of life and of you.

2015-10-10 Freedom 32015-10-10 Freedom
2015-10-10 Freedom 2


2015-10-03 Kullaberg 22015-10-03 Kullaberg 32015-10-03 Kullaberg 4

By the Sea

By the Sea

A Favourite Spot

This is one of my favourite places for stone balancing. It’s filled with a variety of rocks and has an interesting scenery with sandstone cliffs. Very relaxing to spend some time here.

2015-09-26 Kulla
2015-09-26 Kulla 22015-09-26 Kulla 3

Good Night

2015-09-19 Good night
2015-09-19 Good night 2


2015-09-14 Mystical

To the Sea

2015-09-07 Domsten


Friends 2

A Still Evening

It was a quiet and still evening tonight. It’s so peaceful to balance stones when the wind is still. Some seals made me company after the sun had set. A great way to end the day.

2015-09-08 Domsten
2015-09-08 Domsten 2

Always Together

Always Together

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